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Carlisle 2014

Strictly 2015

The Crystal Boot Awards 2015

Carlisle 2014


Event Hosted By: “Diddy” Dave Morgan, Debbie Morgan, Big Dave Baycroft and Pauline Baycroft.


Choreographers: Niels Poulson and Dee Musk


Write Up:


This was a really good event with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Loads of great dances were brought to us by the choreographers along with a couple thrown in by Diddy and Big Dave.


We were in the Crown and Mitre Hotel in Carlisle


The dances that were taught were Air Balloon, Cha Cha Burn, Laughter In The Rain, Only A woman, Rain Maker, Rather Be, Rock Ya Baby and Tripple X.


My Favourite dance from the weekend was Not So Ordinary By Niels. It’s a really nice Nightclub to a Kenny Chesney track called Me and You. It’s 32 counts and a little tricky at times but not too hard. Loads of people seemed to like it.


The Saturday night had a witches and wizards theme. Of course the group I was with went all out with a bit of a twist on Harry Potter. I was Lord Voldemort, Dave and Deb were Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Carol made a great Delores Umbridge, Derek was Hagrid, Pat Was a very evil Bellatrix Lestrange, Denise was Moaning Myrtle and Duncan was Professor Snape. How Derek Managed to walk in those shoes I have no Idea.


On the night we were also joined by a couple of Munchkins from the merry old land of Oz. Katie and Shiv, you as always bring a lot more fun to any event.


Loads of people got involved with the theme and dressed up, it’s all for a bit of fun. There were witches and wizards galore.


The weekend drew to a close on Sunday afternoon by which point everyone was suitably partied out. We got a very special visit on Sunday from the one and only Blaire Morgan who helped to tire out doing her very favourite Dance Wow Tokyo. The two Dave’s, Deb and Pauline went on to another event once they packed up.


All in all I had a great weekend and I think everyone else did to.


Thanks Guys.


Carlisle 2014


Event Hosted By: Sue and Ken Weston and Carol Munday


Choreographers: Guyton Mundy, Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse and Scott Blevins


Write Up:


An absolutely amazing weekend at the North Stafford Hotel. The weekend started for me quite early on Thursday Morning having to get to Manchester airport Through rush hour traffic to pick up Guyton. Who just so happened to have arrived early so had to wait around for me.  I decided it would be a good idea for him to acclimatize to the British weather. (thats My excuse for being a little late) the real one was that the traffic was awful.


We had some time to chill on Thursday morning before it became time for us to head down to stoke. Thursday afternoon we arrived at the h then went straight into the ballroom to help Sue. Ken and Carol set up the room ready for the weekend. Lets just say Guyton got a little giddy with a staple gun and stapled lots of things to the back wall of the stage and any anywhere else he could. After that we had some more chill time then dinner in the restaurant.


After waiting for the others to get ready it was time to head back to the ballroom for a little light dancing. First dance Shakin My head by Me and Guyton which seemed to get people going. Not long after that It was time for me to head home to get my stuff together for the weekend,


Back down to stoke on Friday via Piccadilly train station to Pick up Alison then the weekend could really begin. Friday afternoon and evening became a bit of blur meeting with old friend and drinking Blah with the Danes. I didn't do much dancing until about 11:30 on Friday due to the fact I couldn't really walk and needed to sober up some what. During this time though Guyton did teach a dance called Celebrate and there were demos of the other dances that would be done over the weekend.


Saturday was the day for the choreographers to teach one or two of the dances they'd done for the weekend. Confession time  I didn't learn anything because I was Tired and Hungover but starting to wish I had now. Loved the look of Guyton and Fred's dance called Take me to church. Not really one for class but its more of one for me.


Anyway Saturday night there was a demo by the choreographers just for a bit of fun. I tried to film it but it was too dark. This was followed by another late night with a fair bit to drink.


Sunday was pretty much of the same, partying and drinking a couple more dances from the choreographers and then it was time for recaps.


Sunday night was a nice relaxed chilled evening with more dancing thrown in and the Danes desperately trying to get rid of any left over Blah which of course being generous I had to help with.


The dance from the weekend I'm going to be looking at are:


Take Me To Church by Fred and Guyton

Twisted Sister By Guyton

Showgirl By Darren

Hypnotized by Fred

and one or two from Scott but I can't remember what they were called


Overall a fantastic weekend had by all.


Thanks to all involved.



The Crystal Boot Awards  2015


Hosted By: The Line Dancer Magazine Team


Choreographers: Too Many to Name


Write Up:


I know this is like a million weeks late but Oh My God !!!! what an awesome weekend So much so that I  booked Saturday morning to go again next year.


There are too many dances to mention from the weekend, if I did this write up would be longer than War and Peace (never read it but its supposed to be a really long book). I think I've picked up a few for the class though, Not saying what just yet though. I want it to be a surprise. Are you excited?...............  You should be.


It was a non stop party atmosphere all weekend and From what I can tell everyone had a great time. The awards show was amazing  especially the Pyroterra or what ever they were called. That was awesome to watch despite the fact it filled the room with smoke it was like a club about 10 years ago (smoke haze).


I think all of the awards went to the right people and the Dance of the year was Alcazar which I still enjoy doing.


There were some very late nights and lots of drink. Made some new friends and saw people I've not seen for ages. I've added some pictures below.


All I can say is if you ever get the chance this is one event you have to go to.


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